Rail Industrial Access

Virginia’s rail network is a valuable asset, nurturing economic growth, alleviating roadway congestion, and enhancing air quality. The Rail Industrial Access Program (RIA) extends financial assistance to eligible businesses embarking on new or substantially expanded industrial and commercial projects that will have a positive impact on Virginia’s economic development.

RIA Grant Program


Virginia’s rail network is a valuable asset that grows the economy, relieves roadway congestion, saves lives, improves air quality and saves taxpayer money.



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Benefits of Freight Rail

Keeping Trucks off Roads

Freight rail reduces over 1.5 billion miles of truck travel on our interstates,this saves the Commonwealth $2B in road-related costs, plus railways are 4x more fuel efficient than trucks and moving freight by rail instead of truck generates 75% less greenhouse gas emissions.

An Essential Role

Today, the rail system in Virginia plays an essential freight transportation role both within the state and nationally. Freight railroads account for nearly 40% of U.S. long-distance freight — more than any other mode of transportation

New Jobs

In the last three years, more than 19 million square feet of new and expanded warehouse space has been announced throughout Virginia, totaling an investment of more than $6 billion and creating more than 18,000 new jobs.

Investing in Virginia Businesses

The Rail Industrial Access Program promotes truck diversion by providing grant assistance to connect new or expanding businesses to the freight railroad network. A grant of up to $750,000 may be requested. Funding requires a 30 percent match by the applicant.

Eligible Recipients

The following enterprises and organizations are eligible to apply for RIA grants:

  • New or expanding business, commercial, or industrial enterprises
  • Municipal and county governments acting on behalf of such enterprises
  • Local economic development departments acting on behalf of such enterprises
  • Railroads

Eligible Costs

  • RIA grant money can be used to pay for the following:
  • Engineering
  • Site preparation, including grading and drainage
  • Track construction
  • Track rehabilitation
  • Track improvement
  • Environmental mitigation
  • Mainline railroad switch

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Eligibility Checklist

How to Apply

DRPT’s WebGrants site is the portal that allows DRPT’s partners to apply for funding, submit reimbursement requests, manage grants, and report performance requirements.

For detailed information on the application timeline, goals, eligibility requirements, eligible expenses, and application process for all DRPT administered grants programs, view the resources available through our downloadable PDFs.

Economic Development Dashboard

This dashboard presents DRPT’s business development project activity across the state. Each project reflects a company commitment to locate their expansion or new business activity , with respective new job creation and capital investment levels.

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