Hybrid Work Plans


Is your business creating a hybrid work plan, looking to improve or modify your established program, or trying to create a productive hybrid work environment? If so, take advantage of DRPT’s free telework consultations and resources, available to companies in Virginia.  

DRPT’s Expertise and Value 

Since 2001, DRPT has provided resources to Virginia businesses to help them establish hybrid work arrangements and offer commuting alternatives to their employees.   

DRPT can help companies of any size create and maintain a dynamic hybrid work program that benefits your business objectives.   

Steps in Setting Up a Hybrid Work Program 

Businesses often start with a small-scale pilot program, which they later expand. To set up a hybrid work program, you typically need to follow these steps: 

  1. Develop a written telework policy and a formal employee agreement.  
  2. Announce the program to staff, providing a clear explanation of how it will work and what will be expected of participants. 
  3. Select participants for the pilot program and provide training.  
  4. Supply participants with any equipment they will need to work remotely, and set up secure remote access.

Free Hybrid Work Program Assistance 

 Our free services include assistance with the following: 

  • Establishing or reviewing a hybrid workplace plan. 
  • Determining technology needs. 
  • Training managers and employees.  
  • Conducting confidential surveys of employees and managers. 
  • Drafting or reviewing a business continuity plan. 

Benefits of Hybrid Work Plans

Attracting and Retaining Employees

Job seekers and employees prefer flexible working arrangements that include the option to work remotely.

Boosting Your Bottom Line

Work efficiency may improve, and you can increase the number of people on staff without increasing your company’s footprint.

Decreasing Downtime

Snow days become go days when your remote workforce is engaged, and an injury or minor illness won’t necessarily bench your key players.

Going Green

By offering commuting options and alternatives, such as teleworking and public transit vouchers, your company reduces the number of personal vehicles on the roads and improves air quality.

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