Get where you want to go using local, regional, commuter, express, and rapid transit bus services. If you need to travel beyond your community, take Virginia Breeze Bus Lines, which provides affordable and convenient service throughout the Commonwealth. 

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Benefits of Public Transportation

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Saving Money

Switching to transit could save you as much as $10,000 a year on expenses such as gas, car maintenance, and parking.

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Eco friendly environment

Reducing Air Pollution

Using public transportation instead of driving your own vehicle reduces carbon emissions that contribute to pollution and climate change.

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Avoiding Traffic

Some transit options, like rail, keep you out of traffic altogether. Even on a bus that is traveling in traffic, you’ll be able to relax.

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Having Options

You don’t need a car or driver’s license to get around, thanks to Virginia’s affordable and accessible transit options.

Other Modes of Transportation


Most trolley services operate primarily to provide leisure travel to sites around town, but their schedules and drop-off points can also be useful for commuters. Most trolley services are free or low-cost. Explore your options by using the transportation navigator below.



Car-and-passenger ferry services are available throughout Virginia and can be used for commuting or leisure travel. Explore your options by using the transportation navigator below.